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Fox Takes on trumps Not Causing Panic Lies

"FAKE 45 #illegitimate" read a sign at the Woman's March in DC, 1/27/2017
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Actually ~ Chris Wallace Takes on trump's.....  ..... .....

Was this or was this not a great debate warm up exercise for Chris?  And with 16 more days to 9/29 when he becomes The Moderator of the 1st Debate, rump should have an idea of what's expected of him.

Double dog dare the fool in the WH to attack Wallace one time between now and then.

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Steve Cortes sounded like a fool.  He admitted there was already panic and hoarding going on, so obviously, IMPOOPUS's rosy outlook did not do a lot a calming down as opposed to IMPOOPUS trying to "panic" and "scare" everybody with what Cortes called a "legitimate fear" (no proof of its  legitimacy though).  I like Benjamin Dixon's analogy.  Instead of being upfront with the pandemic which was real and undeniable, IMPOOPUS is trying to "panic" everyone with the boogeyman.


👹 BOO!



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Yeah, uh huh, right.

Trump was worried about the panic of toilet paper sales that would take down the nation.

His panic was the stock market and the value of his assets.

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Not to worry. The lo-fo radical right still has Breitbart, The Federalist and other radical right sources to get false information from.......

Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
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Good for Chris. And trump’s not wanting to cause panic, is one of trump’s biggest whoppers ever. 
trump was not truthful, did not inform the public, did no real planning to stop the spread, lied, no appropriate testing programs, did not enact the Defense act for production of needed materials, and give or sold needed items to foreign go along with not updating existing stocks of medical supplies.

195,000 deaths later, It’s apparent that trump has had a total collapse of dealing with the virus. 

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Good for Wallace!!! Amazing he still has a job at Fox Propaganda Network, LOL!
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