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For the Record: The GOP Makes Nothing But Deficits

The gloves are coming off. It's about time.
There is a persistent belief that Republicans are "better" for the economy than Democrats.
It's malarkey.
The Democratic Party must start taking credit as the party that is, by nearly every conceivable metric of history and economics, better for the US economy.
Skeptical? Here are the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Using the latest jobs numbers, since 1961, Democratic Presidents have presided over the creation of roughly 60 million jobs, while Republican Presidents have presided over the creation of approximately 25 million jobs. In other words, Democratic administrations have created over two times as many jobs as Republican ones -- and in less time.
How about other measurements? Forbes published a chart in July showing that Democrats "dominate" (their word) in wealth creation in the stock market since the days of President Harry Truman. Democratic Presidents have seen on average 10.6% growth in stocks. Republicans? Only 4.8%. Again, Democrats best Republicans by more than double.
How about GDP growth? Same story. According to calculations based on the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the GDP grows 1.6 times faster under Democratic administrations than under Republican ones. Any way you measure it, Democratic policies are better for the economy and for working people.
And don't even get me started on which party is worse on deficits and debts (hint: Republicans, by a trillion).
Every time there is a change in leadership in the last 30 years, Republicans have trashed the economy, and Democrats have had to clean it up. George H. W. Bush' sluggish slowdown turned into Bill Clinton's booming 1990s. George W. Bush's unparalleled downturn became Barack Obama's decade of recovery. Obama's recovery became Donald Trump's Covid-19 crash.
In 2021, Joe Biden and the Democrats will have a hell of a mess to clean up. But if there's anyone up to the task of building us back better, it's Biden.
After yet another failed Republican administration, it's no surprise that Democrats will have to build our country and economy back again. Roll up your sleeves, Democrats, we've got a Trump-sized mess to fix.
Lots more truth here:
Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.
Donald Trump
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For the Record: The GOP Makes Nothing But Deficits


I remember way back when, when Reagan took office,  the national debt was way less then one trillion dollars.  That was with the debt from WWII,  Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War.


No threat to Social Security or Medicare.


A rising tide will lift all ships.


Know what I mean?


Can you hear what I'm saying? 

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