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First Twitter, now SnapChat. Trump is having a tougher time spreading lies and misinformaton.

Twitter hid Trump's threat of vicious  dogs and ominous weapons as well as tagging two of his previous posts with links to the actual facts. Facebook will not do this protecting millions in ad dollars from the Trump campaign and God knows how much money from Russia. Facebook's move resulted in a virtual walkout among Facebook employees and Zuckerburg having to address the issue several times. 

Now Snapchat will not be posting the rants and misinformation from Trump and just in time for the election season. No wonder Trump wanted to stay in his W.H. bunker. 



Snap announced this morning that it will not be promoting content from President Trump’s Snapchat account in its Discover tab following statements from Trump last week on Twitter, which threatened that protestors could be met with “vicious dogs” and “ominous weapons.” 

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