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Far Right replaceable parts

   Oh my!   Today the Far Right has become so desperate that they are now posting "mr / mrs / ms" nobody to spread their own special brand of hate and lies via podcasts.    Sadly, that pool of swamp dwellers appears to be deep.


    Their is hope on the horizon:   One of their own, a self proclaimed Neo-Nazi has been found guilty by a group of his peers?, well he was found guilty of extortion and threats    


Christopher Cantwell, the neo-Nazi podcaster charged by federal prosecutors with threatening to rape a rival neo-Nazi’s wife has been found guilty of extortion and threats. Jurors acquitted Cantwell of cyberstalking.

Jurors reached their verdict after a four-day trial in a Concord, New Hampshire federal courtroom. Deliberations began on Friday afternoon and continued Monday in a little less than three hours.


The FAR RIGHT screamers are losing one of their own, possible time in prison: 22 years - do the members of the FAR Right here care?    Of maybe their fearmongering leader will pardon him, too.  

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