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Re: “Far More Troubling”

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So Jim's "defense" is that Flynn lied to the court, to protect his son.....  Another LIE, stiffer sentence.  How many ways does Flynn and Jim want it?

"FAKE 45 #illegitimate" read a sign at the Woman's March in DC, 1/27/2017
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Re: “Far More Troubling”

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Doesn't he understand English?  Or did the judge need to "sign" it to him, by signing the following?


If there is something I say that you do not understand, or if you have a
problem understanding a question I ask, please tell me and ask me to
explain or repeat it. Do you understand that?


Are you feeling the effects right now of any medication, drugs or alcohol
that you have consumed?


Are you being treated by any medical or mental health professional?


Do you feel alert, awake and clear-headed today?


[TO DEFENSE ATTORNEY:] Are you aware of any negative information
concerning the defendant's competence that I should be aware of? Like lying to the court to protect his son???? 


I find that the Defendant is thinking clearly, not under the influence of
intoxicants, and is competent to offer a guilty plea at this time.

Advice of Counsel; Defendant’s Choice to Plead


[TO THE DEFENDANT:] You have the right to have an attorney
represent you during all stages of the proceedings. The court will appoint
an attorney for you to serve at public expense if you cannot afford an

attorney of your own choice. Do you understand that?


Have you discussed this case completely with your attorney?


Are you confident that you understand your attorney's advice?


Have you listened carefully to that advice and thought about it in making
your decision to plead guilty?


The decision to plead guilty must be your own decision, not your attorney's. Do you understand that?


Is this in fact your own decision to plead guilty?


Do you think that this is the best decision for you to make?


Is this decision also, at least in part, because you actually are guilty of the
crime you intend to admit?

Trial Rights Given Up


If I accept your guilty plea you will be convicted of the crime to which you
are pleading guilty today, and you will not have a trial. Do you understand?


There are constitutional rights you would have at a trial, but you are giving
them up permanently in this case by pleading guilty. I need to make sure
that you understand the rights you are giving up.


You give up the right to enter or continue a plea of not guilty, and to
have a trial by jury with a lawyer assisting you.


You give up the right to be presumed innocent, and the right to have
the government prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty.


You give up the right to watch and listen as the witnesses against
you testify, and the right to confront those witnesses, that is to
question or challenge those witnesses. You give up the right to have
the court order witnesses you may have in your defense to come into
court and give testimony if you wanted to present a case.

You give up the right to chose whether to testify or to remain silent
during trial.

WAIVER] : You give up the right to appeal your conviction
based on this plea, and the right to appeal your sentence as long as I
sentence you generally in accord with the way your sentence has
been estimated or recommended in the Rule 11 agreement.


Your decision to plead guilty means that you give up each of these
rights permanently in this case. Do you understand the rights I have
just explained?

Explanation of the Crime and Maximum Penalties




The maximum penalty for a person who violates this law is _____ years of
imprisonment. A fine of as much as $___________ can be imposed and a
$100 “Special Assessment” per count is required. [OPTION: There is a
MANDATORY MINIMUM TERM of ____ years; your sentence cannot be
less than that.]


By pleading guilty you are exposing yourself to those possible maximum
[and minimum] penalties. Do you understand all that?


If I sentence you to prison, I will also sentence you to "supervised release"
after you are released from prison. If you violate a condition of supervision,
I could send you back to prison for additional time even though you had
already served the entire sentence for the crime you are admitting today.
Do you understand that?


[IN APPROPRIATE CASES:] I could also order you to pay restitution to
any victim of your conduct. Do you understand that?

When Sentencing


 Any sentence you receive will be governed by federal law, including the
provisions of Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Under the law, I must make
decisions concerning your sentence.

I will be guided, in part, by your Sentencing Guidelines “score,” which
combines the seriousness of your offense with your criminal
background and results in a range of suggested sentences. My
decision about your sentencing range may be the same as the
estimates that you or the government may have made, but it also
might be different – higher or lower than estimated. Do you


Just because the government makes a recommendation, such as
that your sentencing be at a certain level, or that you receive
sentencing credit for “accepting responsibility,” or that certain facts
exist, does not require me to accept their recommendation. Do you


I most often give a defendant a sentence that is within the range I
calculate by using the Sentencing Guidelines. However, I do not
have to follow the Guideline range sentence; for example, if there are
particular reasons that convince me that a Guideline sentence is not
proper --that it is too high or too low-- I can legally impose a
sentence that is either below or above the Guideline recommended
sentence range. Do you understand all that?

Plea Agreements, Generally

Your plea of guilty is a result of discussions between the attorney for the
government and your attorney. DID YOUR ATTORNEY TELL YOU TO PLEAD GUILTY TO PROTECT YOUR SON????  I have not been part of those discussions.
I have not approved of this agreement in advance or predicted any
particular sentence for you. Do you understand that?




This is the usual discussion between the judge, the defense team and the defendant. DO YOU UNDERSTAND that?


Maybe the courts should allow him to withdraw his guilty plea and then retry him!  Then, once he is found guilty AGAIN, he will presumably be sentenced to a much harsher term and he won't have the fraudulant trump DOJ in place.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND that?

"FAKE 45 #illegitimate" read a sign at the Woman's March in DC, 1/27/2017
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Re: “Far More Troubling”

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JimC91 wrote:

That is your opinion, you have no proof of that.  In fact these documents prove the exact opposite of what you are alleging.  I will be be proved right very soon, stay tuned.


You do realize that the article you posted from is simply an OPINION piece by Jonathan Turley looking at extremely limited "evidence"?  That means these documents "prove" nothing.

I do agree with Turley when he says Barr needs to keep his mouth shut and let the investigation proceed, since it looks like Barr is trying to influence the actual investigation.

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Re: “Far More Troubling”

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Well we are all entitled to our own opinions but you can't make up your own facts.  The fact is, the newly released documents, prove your opinion is just wrong...


Jonathan Turley has nailed it and I agree with him, a clear purjury trap was set for Flynn to entrap him.  This will not stand and justice will prevail.  My question is when he is cleared, will you accept it?





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“Far More Troubling”

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Trump World relies on non-stop conspiracy theories, they do not understand FACTS and DOCUMENTATION.


  • Flynn was charged with lying to the FBI. That is a fact, it is not an opinion. 
  • 3 years later, the FBI is still charging Flynn with LYING to the FBI. That is a FACT, it is not an opinion.
  • A National Security Advisor who LIES to the FBI is a national disgrace. Yes, that's my opinion.
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Re: “Far More Troubling”

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@CriticalThinking  That is your opinion, you have no proof of that.  In fact these documents prove the exact opposite of what you are alleging.  I will be be proved right very soon, stay tuned.



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“Far More Troubling”

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There is a bottom line. The National Security Advisor is supposed to protect us from foreign adversaries. When Flynn was the NSA, instead of protecting us, he was working against America's best interests.


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Re: “Far More Troubling”

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Flynn was coerced into confessing in order to protect his son from being indicted on a completely different issue.  The information is not hard to find.  IMO Flynn will not need to be pardoned because the documents completely exonerate him.  Stay tuned and you will see, Justice will prevail in this case...




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Re: “Far More Troubling”

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First off, nobody confesses to something like Flynn confessed to if they're INNOCENT. But now with a legal eunuch like Barr running the "investigation", Flynn sees loyalty to tRump will be his "get out of jail" card, so he's playing it.

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Re: “Far More Troubling”

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I agree with Jonathan Turley...


The release of the Flynn documents highlight what  Attorney General William Barr said on “The Ingraham Angle” on April 10th and stated that “far more troubling” material will be released as a result of the investigation of U.S. Attorney John Durham. I believe it is a mistake for Barr to give such foreshadowing interviews before the release of the Durham report.


While I agree with Barr ordering these reviews (and his view of the evidence so far), these interviews only undermine the credibility and that of the eventual report. (For full disclosure, I testified in favor of Barr’s confirmationbefore the Senate Judiciary Committee). 


Putting that aside, the evidence strongly supports Barr’s effort to force the disclosure of material that has been buried despite the claims of full investigations by Congress and the Inspector General.  Bizarrely, the media and many liberal commentators are struggling to ignore these troubling disclosu...and the obvious abuses that they reflect within the Justice Department.


Barr stated that “My own view is that the evidence shows that we’re not dealing with just the mistakes or sloppiness.”  He added “there was something far more troubling here. We’re going to get to the bottom of it. And if people broke the law and we can establish that with the evidence, they will be prosecuted.”  Referring to the Russian investigation as “one of the greatest travesties in American history — without any basis,” he stated that the evidence shows “a whole pattern of events while he was president … to sabotage the presidency … or at least have the effect of sabotaging the presidency.”




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