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Fact check: Giuliani wrong about 'riots' in 'Democrat' cities

Fact check: Giuliani wrong about 'riots' in 'Democrat' cities


Rudy Giuliani made several wrong, exaggerated or misleading claims about policing and law enforcement in the U.S. during his RNC speech Thursday.


Speaking about the protests sparked across the U.S. in response to the death of a Black man, George Floyd, under the knee of a White Minneapolis police officer, Giuliani said, “Soon protests turned into riots in many other American cities, almost all Democrats."


He blamed the violence on "Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA" who he said "sprang into action" and"hijacked peaceful protest into vicious brutal riots."


He added that, in those riots, "people [were] beaten, shot, and killed. Police officers routinely assaulted, badly beaten, and occasionally murdered.”


This is all a substantial distortion and exaggeration of the facts.


Furthermore, the protests in recent months have been largely peaceful. Violent incidents did occur, but many were initiated by outside groups with political agendas


According to multiple reports, including a Washington Post fact check, there were no signs that that antifa was behind violence at these protests. As of earlier this month, federal prosecutors had not been able to link dozens of people arrested in protests in Portland, Ore., to antifa.


In fact, in at least one instance where a police officer was killed during a protest, the suspect was actually aligned with a far-right extremist group. In Oakland, Air Force Staff Sgt. Steven Carrillo — a member of the “boogaloo,” an online extremist group with violent views — is accused of killing a federal officer. Authorities have said he was using nearby peaceful protests as cover.


And during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, two people were killed and another was injured when someone opened fire.


Police have arrested 17-year-old Illinois resident Kyle Rittenhouse on a first-degree intentional murder charge in connection with those shootings. NBC News has reported that Rittenhouse had promoted "Blue Lives Matter" online.


Fact check: Giuliani wrong about 'riots' in 'Democrat' cities 

"FAKE 45 #illegitimate" read a sign at the Woman's March in DC, 1/27/2017
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Rudy throws garbage against the wall and core trump followers repeat his lies across social media outlets. Goebbels used media to spread lies fear and hatred to get Hitler elected. Trump's minions do the same. 

Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
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Rudy is stupid enough to think Donald Trump is a friend.


Look what Trump did to his last personal attorney.


Trump is Potomac Poison and Rudy drank from the river.

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Everybody knows Rudy was just throwing the same old garbage against the wall that IMPOOPUS and the tRumplicans keep hoping if they throw it enough times, it will stick.  tRumPets love eating that garbage and puking it back out repeatedly.  Doesn't take much to amuse and confuse them.

Social Butterfly

And isn't it time for Rudy to retire?


He couldn't even pull off a covert operation in Keiv, for God's sake.


He hired thugs, who were arrested and extridited.


Trumps biggest mistake is thinking America is as stupid as he is, and hiring stupid people to deceive us.


Even the Three Stooges are laughing.

Honored Social Butterfly

Yeah, whatever happened to the lie Giuliani was pushing about Biden's fake influence in Ukraine's corruption?  Was that also flushed down the Fox toilets with the sexual harassment claims?

"FAKE 45 #illegitimate" read a sign at the Woman's March in DC, 1/27/2017
Honored Social Butterfly

Rudy is not well these days. I think he has Ukraine dirt burn out or something, LOL!!!
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