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FBI agent who helped launch Russian investigation says Trump "compromised."

Peter Strzok is telling his story in a new book.


While there is no new evidence to show that Trump was a "tool" of Russia:


To the contrary, as he tells it, career public servants inside the FBI and the Justice Department were gobsmacked in 2016 by what they uncovered about a presidential campaign that seemed to find unlimited time to meet with Russians, practically inviting exploitation by a foreign adversary.



In his opinion he said " even if Trump didn't formally conspire with Russia, Trump was badly compromised."



But he also believed, he wrote, that even if Trump didn't formally conspire with the Russian election interference operation, the president was badly compromised. He was compromised, Strzok writes, because of his questionable business dealings, the hush money paid on his behalf to silence women, shady transactions at his charity and, most importantly, "his lies about his Russia dealings," including his secret 2015 effort to build a Trump Tower in Moscow even as he told the world that he had no business with Russia.



"Putin knew that Trump lied, and Trump knew it."


"Putin knew he had lied. And Trump knew that Putin knew — a shared understanding that provided the framework for a potentially coercive relationship between the president of the United States and the leader of one of our greatest adversaries," writes Strzok, who was deputy assistant director of the FBI's Counterintelligence Division.




This simple fact could explain something that made no sense otherwise: why Trump repeatedly ... (chose) the course of action that made little sense in the context of U.S. national security but that clearly benefitted Russia," he writes.



Former FBI Agent says Trump compromised in new book. 












Honored Social Butterfly

I have to LOL when Trump supporters repeat their silly slogan of "America First" when it should be either "Trump First" or "Russia First".

Honored Social Butterfly

Before Trump, the Republican Party took pride in standing up to Russia. Remember how they criticized President Obama for being soft on Russia? Wow! And Obama was the man who initiated a series of sanctions on Russia.


In the Trump Administration the slogan is Russia First / America Last!


Trump is Vladimir's puppet and I suspect after he leaves office, we'll find out a lot more about this subject.

Honored Social Butterfly

absolutely agree CeeTee. I suspect the hole Trump has dug with Russia, is deeper than many of us know. I hope when he loses in November, he is locked up immediately.
Biden/Harris 2020!
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Honored Social Butterfly

Tom5678:  In his opinion he said " even if Trump didn't formally conspire with Russia, Trump was badly compromised."



Of course he was compromised. But in IMHO he's even more compromised now than he was then. How many calls has Trump had with Putin with no one present and no transcripts? It's a foregone conclusion that Putin would have recordings of those conversations, and it's anyone's guess what blabbermouth Trump had to say. Whatever they spoke about, I'm betting Trump doesn't want made public. What a mess.





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