Honored Social Butterfly

FAR-Right start to squeal -

   Some college prof is complaining that peers at his college are seeking to get him fired.   OH MY.    And then you read the article on the "least far right" group you can locate.    There a professor does complain and then says the University pres supported him - and oh yeah, the petition never names him.   

    To me, that screams of RW paranoia.


    This is just an FYI:  let's see if the far-right folks here know about it or complain, but they probably don't care about facts.   Them far-right profs really are a bunch of weak knee folks, which is why it is always funny when they describe anyone who dares to debate them as "snowflakes" - they seriously need to get a mirror, et tu Mr. Jacobson.    

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
Honored Social Butterfly

Had to look him up. This one?  I also don't see any evidence that anyone's talking about him. 


But.....this type of person often thinks he's the center of the universe and everything is about him.  So perhaps that's why he's paranoid. 

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