Honored Social Butterfly


I was watching Meet The Press today where brilliant host Chuck Todd pointed something out that struck a nerve . He showed a graph regarding the House of Representatives . In 2002 there were 137 members with ideological overlap ( moderates ) but by 2013 , there were only 4 members who compromised and voted towards the middle !


Just like discussing issues on this AARP site , If you're not Far Right , than you're automatically called a liberal , no room for middle ground !!!

Honored Social Butterfly

Is the glass half full or empty Tex ?

Honored Social Butterfly

@mandm84 wrote:

Is the glass half full or empty Tex ?

Neither.  Just that some are independent and chose not to follow the crowd.

Honored Social Butterfly

Extremists is what  exists today. whether you are a Republican, Democrat or even an Independent

Being in the center of any issue, is practically obsolete.

You can't talk to anyone here or anywhere that if you are not an extremist you simply don't fit.

Pity, because we won't be able to really run a country in this manner.

something has to give. hoping it does happen soon.

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