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Re: Explain the strategy to me

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That is probably the reason that his strategy is so incomprehensible.  that is because is so incompetent.

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Explain the strategy to me

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Trump had made a campaign promise to pull our troops out of Syria and the military saw it as a VERY bad idea. I get that. 


  • He surprises his own planners by announcing a short time period withdrawal. 
  • He brags that Turkey has offered to finish taking out ISIS. (They actually said "the terrorists")
  • Turkey makes plans to kill our allies, the Kurds as terrorists.
  • The Kurds begin negotiating with the Syrians to become their allies.
  • Israel complains to Trump that Iran will take over. 
  • Trump announces that we all misunderstood the words he used in announcing the pullout. Sends Bolton to Israel
  • Bolton publicly states that America can control the Turks and will stay in Syria. 
  • The Turks go ballistic over the implication that they are America's puppet state.
  • Trump threatens a NATO ally with economic devastation. 

So, we are still in Syria, we lost our allies the Kurds, we lost our allies the Turks, Israel no longer trusts us to keep our word and neither do any potential allies. 


I am certain there is a hidden plan here somewhere.  Nobody could be that incompetent. 

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