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Encouraging the idiots

Here in Florida we will see very soon that they will relax all the rules, everything will be open and people will not be told to stay home
We should encourage that behavior. because the sooner that they get the virus the sooner that it will be for us old folks
The time has come for them to help us live our lives and not die sooner than we should. so go for it.  get the virus. and then, I will be able to live my life.

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   The RW has embraced the idea that people should die.   ( FYI:  it was the Lt. Gov...he is a tea party guy who was a radio shock jock).   

   Now many other RW groups are piling on and saying that safe distancing is bad ( that via a grad student at a small RW college that is funded in large part by Heritage Foundation)  so they want to increase the death rate and overwhelm the healthcare system.    One has to wonder what is their next goal - no election in NOV?  

     The number of people infected and dying is still on the upswing in the US.     Stay safe.

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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Liberty University (Falwell clan) is open. Falwell says it's the students' choice to come or not.


Another big church preacher I watched tell his flock, "Where the government can't go the Holy Spirit can go!"


Forgive them, father, for they know not what they do.



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Starting have similarities to the "jim jones kool aid fest in Ghana..,led by some ultra rights in the religious right, which lacks good leadership or commonsense because they are following the ways of the lord...

really! Is this what The Lord would want? That's very doubtful...others should not sacrifice themselves because of someone's very questionable cause. 

Or another aspect to consider: if you want to go out and pull a self sacrifice...

so be it...just don't drag others along with you!

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Has anyone here seen the Governor of Texas?  Guess what, he wants me to die and sacrify myself in order to save the economy.   Really?  If he wants to  die. be my guest, but don't even think that I will follow your advise.
So, how many of the Trump followers in this message board are willing to sacrifice themselves to save the economy please, let me know your answer. 

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