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Re: E TU BRUTUS!!!!!!

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@rker321 wrote:

And it would be appropriate to actually have McDonald in NK?


Why not?  Consumerism has brought down many a dictatorship.  It's reported that Kim likes McDonald's as was his father who had them flown in from China.  Consumerism has soften the regime in Vietnam.  They have been invaded by Americans again, not with guns, but as tourists for sight seeing, and Viet Veterans retiring there; and corporations look for opportunities. If not for health reasons we'd be living back there also.

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It is very difficult for me to see how many of those Trump Followers, are actually thinking that we should have an unconstitutional friendship with North Korea  and simply forget what this country has always been    and still is.

They murder people in their own family, the starve their people, they incarcerate anyone that does not approve of their leader.
And it would be appropriate to actually have McDonald in NK?

Is that the way that we think that we ca influence ruthless dictators by buying them off with offers of money?
Where are our values, and if we have lost them why bother with elections why not do what China had done and elect Trump President for life?
Perhaps many think that it would be a great idea. 

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