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Re: Dump Trump

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There are a lot of reasons for not voting for various congress critters. One consistent reason for not voting for Republican congress critters is:

It gives Trump more power to harm our country.


They always seem to put party above country, and they support him no matter what.

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Re: Dump Trump

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@xrepub— I know there are many, many groups in the 23rd congressional district who have banded together in an effort to remove republican Tom Reed from office.

In Townhall meetings, when someone tells him that his reelection is at stake, he smirks and says he’s not worried because he’s in a red district.  I have watched him lie  to many people as he looks them straight in the eye, and his uninformed base just suck it up. 


It is imperative that everybody go out to the polls and vote, as well as talk to other people about the cancer that has permeated the Republican Party. 


Gee, I miss having a real president!

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Re: Dump Trump

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I think this is not disputable:


A vote for a Republican congress person gives Trump more power.

A vote for a Democratic congress person gives Trump less power.


Keep this in mind when you vote in 2018. Better yet, tell your congress critters now, that that is your position. This may limit Trump's powers even before the vote in November.

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Dump Trump

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It would be for the best if Trump were quickly removed via impeachment or the 25th amendment. Either of those are unlikely.


"The best solution is the simplest: Vote, and organize others to register and to vote. If you believe Donald Trump represents a danger to the country and the world, you can take action to rein in his power. In November, you can help elect members of Congress who will fight Mr. Trump’s most dangerous behaviors."

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