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Duckworth for VP?

Duckworth is a woman. A woman of color. A decorated veteran.  An experienced and successful Senator.  Tucker Carlson  called Duckworth — an Army helicopter pilot who lost both her legs fighting in Iraq — "a coward" and "a fraud" who hates America. and she took him OUT.  She led with the suggestion that  he "Walk a mile in my legs" and then continued to hammer him into dust. Do not mess with Tammy Duckworth. 


“If you put Tammy Duckworth on the ballot, a lot of veterans are saying to me, ‘Boy, she represents not only the Midwest but she represents what our party is all about,’” Cotchett said. “Having no legs, to me, is an attribute in this insane election year. It brings to the table a veteran who has been severely wounded that’s speaking out for women and veterans and showing that she’s someone who can take on ‘Cadet Bone Spurs.’” 

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Tammy Duckworth would make an excellent VP.




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Trump is an aperture in the fundament.
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Honored Social Butterfly

Tammy Duckworth's got my vote - not that she needs it. Seems she'll discombobulate Vice Poodle Dense as thoroughly as Warren did Bloomberg in the one Veep debate, and pretty sure she'll eviscerate the Toad should he come up with another moronic nick name.

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