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Re: Donald, retweets QA conspiracy theory

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OMG -Putin has put a nincompoop who has more faith in the internet than the National Security Agency in charge of our Nuclear weapons!

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Donald, retweets QA conspiracy theory

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   This is a lot more of feeding the crazies, which may include many of the RW here?   Who knows, but JIC sane people want some context, this goes to the bowels of RW, where they recycle conspiracy theories from years gone by.  

   From a QAnon conspiracy theorist to actor James Woods to comedian Larry the Cable Guy to the leader of the free world. Thus travels information in the age of Twitter and President Trump, who took a late-night swing at a familiar punching bag – the Transportation Security Administration – via a nearly two-year-old video spread by a character on the far fringes of the Internet.

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