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Re: Distraction: It is the ECONOMY Stupid.

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For one, I don't see Trump winning. In fact, I think there's a chance he could lose by a landslide.

I see Trump alienating one group after another, at the same time he's strengthening his base.

He's not a good politician. While some may see that as a plus, he still has to at least pander to the majority. He's not doing that.


The Economy:


In recent elections Democrats have been focusing on the middle class and "upper middle class". They know these suburbanites, mostly white, can drift over to the Republican side. And they vote. 


Another reason why it's advantageous to make these well-off suburbanites as the Party's new base is that it works hand in hand with the major campaign donors.


These suburbanites are actually pro-Wall Street as many of them have a Mutual Fund or a 401K. The Democratic Party can continue to accept big donations from Wall Street or attend Wall Street fundraisers, or fill the Presidential Cabinet with the likes of Goldman Sachs and not upset their new base 


The same applies to the 2nd largest campaign donors -- the health insurance industry. These suburbanites usually have good health insurance through their employers or they can just afford to buy private insurance. These suburbanites are fine with the status-quo. Medicare for All is not a priority for them. 


So, who's going to win over these voters? I say "Follow the Stock Market". If the market tanks, Trump will lose these voters.

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Honored Social Butterfly

Distraction: It is the ECONOMY Stupid.

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   The current WH regime has one goal - re-election and they don't seem to give 2 hoots about how they win...  kill / maim a few innocent people - no problem

disenfranchise voter's - natch!   hide results of Covid treatment progress - well of course!    all because the economy is in deep poop - and no economist that is not in the current WH regime will deny that.  


   RW fools here will say - but Wall Street:   Wall Street is not Main Street and that is where Donald has just inserted military to "keep the peace".   aka DISTRACTION


   But here is the economic forecast and it is not pretty as it highlights how poorly donald et al have mismanaged the government:

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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