Disappointed at AARP's Bulletin magazine's failure to call out LIES about mail in voting

There is no excuse for this. Now is not the time to be demure or polite. The lie in Trump's interview that 20-30 percent of mail-in ballots getting lost is a lie


We know AARP does not endorse any candidate.

But when someone is lying, LYING, about mail-in ballots being insecure, AARP needs to call it out, period. Regardless of whether that lie is in an interview or coming from a person from a privileged position of authority. Now is not the time for mixed signals or to be too polite to correct someone. You can't claim to be the champion of seniors, then print out interviews containing lies about voting. There should have been a gigantic red WARNING sign next to any lies about voting. I'm so disappointed in AARP's Bulletin magazine editors, if there are any.


I could not agree more.  Disappointment has a name and it's AARP. Very discouraging that AARP did not fact check what they printed in the article or provide any type of context for candidates remarks.  It's as if AARP just gave both candidates free advertising platforms.  For an organization that purports to support seniors, particular senior healthcare issues - i really expected a lot better. Particularly in a year when so much is at stake. 

Honored Social Butterfly

AARP is more interested in selling insurance than protecting its senior members!





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