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Re: Democrats Still Don't Get It

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and most GOP are in denial Jim, and you don't get it, and never will. Trump was elected with the help of Russia, otherwise he most likely would NOT be President. You on the right refuse to accept any possibility that this actually happened. It is in the process of coming out, and as I have said before, you on the right will NEVER accept it, and will always DENY it, prove me wrong. Trump is the most corrupt President this country has ever had, and it is all starting to catch up to him. Are Democrats perfect? Absolutely not, but by far the majority of Americans, Dems. and Independents are in alignment, and the majority of these groups agree on most of the issues. The times are changing my friend, the problem with many in the GOP is they want to go back, always to go back, as in backwards, just like Trump, and we cannot do that. WE must go forward, not backwards. My hope is you guys find this out come November, but the odds and Russia are working against the Dems. again, and then add gerrymandering and voting suppression. Its time for the majority to take back our government from the minority that was allowed to rule. Waiting patiently for Muellers final reports. It isn't going to be pretty, and you on the right will not accept it, but you will not have a choice my friend. See you in November!
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Democrats Still Don't Get It

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LAST YEAR I WAS ONE OF the Republicans crying out to anyone who would hear me that it would be a mistake to nominate Donald Trump to be the GOP standard bearer for president. There were a thousand reasons why I didn't think Trump was worthy, but the biggest was that I didn't want the Republican Party to lose.


I was worried about the Hillary Clinton campaign. I was worried that they would be able to duplicate the tactics that had worked successfully for President Obama; that she was a poised, smart candidate who would outwit Trump; that the Democrats would hold their base: Even if they saw some slippage with African-American voters, women across the country would flock to her and put the party over the top.


But I've learned a lot in the last 12 months.


Democrats were stunned by Trump's victory. So were the rest of us, including the Trump team. Dems blamed the electoral college, they blamed people on the Clinton campaign, they blamed Hillary Clinton herself for not visiting Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan enough (as if a few more rallies would have made the difference between winning and losing) because they don't get it.


They don't get that Hillary Clinton was wildly unpopular with the working-class base of their own party.

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Democrats regularly talk about the civil war within the Republican party and whether the party will survive it.


But they don't understand that a civil war has already occurred in their own party; the losers of that fight went looking for a new savior, and many of them found one in Trump.


When I was a young Republican political operative in Michigan back in the '80s and '90s, we feared the unions far more than we did the Democrat party apparatus. Gov. John Engler, who led our party in the state at the time, was constantly trying to outwit the union leadership in political chess.


The Democrat elected officials were merely pawns in the hands of those union leaders. But those leaders and their elected representatives understood the heart and soul of the working men and women of the United Auto Workers, the AFL-CIO and the Teamsters Union. They not only had a treasure chest of union dues to spend on elections but they had an army of workers to show up and campaign for candidates, speak out at town hall meetings and protest at the state capitol.


Theirs was a powerful voice and elected officials, Republican and Democrat alike, listened to it. Republican candidates who could rarely count on a union endorsement were still loathe to directly oppose union initiatives if they could help it.


Since that time, the national leaders of those organizations have moved farther and farther from their roots and they no longer seem to speak to the souls of those working men and women. They hobnob at D.C. cocktail parties and take junkets to fancy resorts, all paid for by the dues of their members. As they have produced less for their members, and the job market has changed, union membership has decreased significantly. According to the bureau of labor statistics, union membership today is about half what it was in 1983.


Unions used to represent the largest coalition in the Democratic Party, now they are one of a number of coalitions whose voices seem to have drowned out those of the working men and women in their party.


Democrats have not only rejected the notion of "family values," but they mock it. If you don't fully adhere to the agenda of the Human Rights Campaign with regard to homosexual and transgender rights, you aren't welcome in the Democrat Party. If you don't support the rights of women to have abortions on demand, even in the last trimester of pregnancy, as dictated by Planned Parenthood, you aren't a "real" Democrat.


If you aren't willing to toe the party line on the environment as dictated by the Sierra Club or to express solidarity with Black Lives Matter, then you are in real trouble with key leaders (not to mention key donors) of your party. And if you acknowledge that there are real weaknesses with the Affordable Care Act but aren't willing to buy into the notion of single payer, then you are a sellout.

As a result, more and more Democrat candidates are saying what it takes to get the support of all those coalitions and don't realize what they have lost in the process.


Does anyone think that a woman working the line at the Chrysler Plant in Trenton, Michigan, or a man working a coal mine in southeastern Pennsylvania is prepared to march up the Capitol steps for transgender access to bathrooms in a public elementary school? Or to stop slant drilling in Montana? Or to provide access to abortions for 13-year-old girls without parental consent?


These issues couldn't be more foreign or far away from their everyday lives. So, when a rich reality TV star, with a made-for-TV real estate empire and model wife came along promising them he would "Make America Great Again" they were ripe for the picking. When he promised to get rid of all the people who were taking their jobs and putting their families at risk, that sounded like common sense to them. So, while Hillary Clinton may have won the popular vote, she lost the Electoral College by losing key votes in the places where working voters voices could still be heard.


So, while Democrats tout their new slogan of "A Better Deal" for American workers they should understand that their words and actions for the past decade have suggested they have other priorities.




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