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Democrats Quiet on Political Terrorism, Why?

Why are democrats quiet on the political terrorism that is being perpetrated on the citizens of America that happen to support our duly elected President? 


Do you approve of this behavior?







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political terrorism??? Now thats funny coming from someone who supports a President who has NO respect for laws or rules. or order, OOOPS!!!! Now you should understand why Putin wanted Trump to win in 2016, and again in 2020, because Putin loves the Trump inspired chaos. It's really that simple!!
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Biden, Harris Condemn Violent Protests, Accuse Trump Of Stoking It For Political Benefit




“I condemn violence in any form,” Biden said in an interview with MSNBC, claiming Trump is “rooting for the violence” and “pouring gasoline on the fire” because he “views it as a political benefit.”


Harris echoed Biden’s condemnation in a speech later that day, stating that she will “always defend peaceful protests and protesters,” but that “we should not confuse them with looting and committing acts of violence.”


Harris also called out the “shooter who was arrested for murder,” in Kenosha, declaring “we will not let these vigilantes and extremists derail the path to justice.”


The remarks come amid a GOP convention in which many speeches have been underpinned by the notion that Biden and Democrats have enabled protests by failing to call out violence – though Biden criticized “needless destruction” and “violence that endangers lives” at George Floyd protests in May.






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Trump   was not elected by the popular vote.   To sum it up Donald Trump lost the general election to Hillary Clinton by over 2.8 million votes and won the Electoral College by 74 votes.   

Al Gore received more popular votes — about 540,000 more than Mr. Bush nationally, or about 0.5 percent of all votes cast across the country.   The electoral college has NOT represented  we-the-people's vote and is a problem for democracy.  . 

Trump supporters showed  up to .antagonize the rights of protestors.     Protesting by definition is  the time-honored practice of publicly speaking out against perceived injustices and urging action -- is a form of assembly and thus protected by the Constitution.      


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