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Dear FBI - AM I The Target?

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Huh? What American Would Be Allowed To Do That?

What Real American Patriot Would Even Try?


The suspect in a Conspiracy & Treason Investigation gets to sit down with the person how is in charge of investigating him and ask him if he's s suspect? The Suspect also gets to call the FBI Director everytime he's feeling a little Paranoid and ask him again?


That kind of crap doesn;t even happen on TV


Again, another example of how fragile our Democracy is and how the Constitution has No Power to prevent Thieves Crooks & Liars from getting elected President


The Main Problem with Voters who are uninformed is they think simply being a Good Partisan is their only responsibility and what makes a Good American and a Great America


President Donald Trump's statement that he discussed the FBI's Russia investigation with former Director James Comey has raised red flags among legal experts who said such conversations would be improper.


"There generally shouldn't be communications about pending investigations and if you need an explanation why, see: Watergate, basically," said Kathleen Clark, an ethics expert at Washington University's School of Law.


Former federal prosecutors and government ethics experts said the president and FBI director should never discuss pending investigations, at least in the way Trump described it in an exclusive interview Thursday with NBC News' Lester Holt.


While there are many unanswered questions about what actually transpired between Trump and Comey, experts said the alleged conversations raise the issue of potential intimidation and conflicts of interest that those very rules are designed to prevent.


"There should be a structural respect between the Department of Justice and the White House and a measure of propriety so that nobody ever has the conversation we're seeing," said Michael Wildes, a former federal prosecutor.


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( " China if You're Listening - Get Trumps Tax Returns " )

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