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Covid19 response by Birx screaming FIRE

  It is so confusing and my original thread went thru an electronic hic-cup, but this is a similar is not more informational link.  

  As already stated Birx is the whisper queen in the WH re; Covid 19.    She started with following the Univ. of WA Institute for Metrics and Evaluations which once upon a time even the RW folks here said was great data...   Fast forward and the information is no longer quite so wonderful as the Institute routinely alerts those who read to comprehend that they have 3 sets of numbers - and the current WH regime is definitely on the wrong track - which is most likely why she was on the phone calling 11 cities and informing them to start taking some action in those cities - which is weird on in itself, as donald only seems to care about Blue States that have big problems in the near horizon.


Those 11 cities include:  Baltimore, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, Pittsburgh and St. Louis.


But not everyone lives in those 11 cities, or in those states, so here is the WH version of warning to all states ( just in case you care)  (albeit this one lists 18 hot sites)



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