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Corruption: Trump vs. Biden

If this wasn’t such a serious issue, the position of Fox/Trump World would be hilarious. Incredibly, Fox/Trump World believes

  • The most corrupt president of our lifetime actually cares about corruption in Ukraine.
  • Ukraine somehow cared about the 2016 U.S. presidential election
  • Despite all U.S. Intelligence Agencies telling the Senate the Ukraine story is a Russian Dis-Information campaign which is not true, they continue to promote it for Vladimir.
  • No evidence was ever produced that Biden did anything illegal

Let’s temporarily put aside all of the FACTS above, and for a moment, pretend that Fox/Trump World is correct about Biden doing something in Ukraine which was illegal or corrupt. This is the Fox World anti-corruption strategy for the 2020 election. They're doing this because Trump is terrified of running against Joe Biden.

If they’re going to compare the corruption level of Biden vs. Trump (I'm already LOL) why don’t they factor in the following?

  • Trump is a Pathological Liar
  • Trump surrounds himself with convicted felons
  • Trump was accused of obstructing justice on 10 different occasions
  • Trump insults people 24/7
  • Trump sends love letters to brutal North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un
  • Trump is Vladimir's American puppet
  • Trump was accused of sexual assault by multiple women
  • Trump refuses to release his tax returns
  • Trump calls the Free Press an "Enemy of the People"
  • Trump is one of the very few presidents who were IMPEACHED

Who is the big time winner in the corruption comparison for 2020?

Honored Social Butterfly

IF  T RUMP  is so  confident that  he  did nothing wrong,  everything he did was "perfect"    then why is he  hiding the evidence ?    If  he  did nothing wrong,  , why does he  seem so eager to avoid  the truth,  to hide the truth and engage in  name-calling and making threats ?    

The HOUSE had to investigate on their own cause he has  a puppet  A J ..named  BARR.     YES men surrounding T RUMP   including in ones in congress are testing their loyalty....whether it's to our country--it's Constitution or to T RUMP.    .    

Honored Social Butterfly

it is NOT even close!! Trump makes Richard Nixon look like a walk in the park when it comes to corruption!
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