In a rare conviction for on-duty use of force, a Hennepin County jury on Monday found a former Minneapolis police officer guilty of assault for kicking a man in the face.


Christopher Michael Reiter delivered a blow to the head of Mohamed Osman in May 2016, knocking him unconscious and inflicting brain bleeding and a traumatic brain injury, testimony at the trial showed.


Reiter, 36, had already lost his job with the Minneapolis Police Department and will now likely lose his peace officer’s license, as state law requires an automatic revocation for any felony conviction. He will be sentenced Dec. 12 for the third-degree assault conviction.


It’s unusual for a police officer to be prosecuted for on-duty misconduct, and even rarer for that officer to be convicted, a recent Star Tribune series showed.


Neither Reiter nor his attorney, Robert Fowler, would comment after the trial. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said he will ask a judge to sentence Reiter to prison.


“All Minneapolitans, including police officers, agree this conduct is not acceptable,” Freeman said in a statement. “You don’t kick a guy on his knees, in the face, especially when he wasn’t doing anything.”


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Quite the "brave" cop kicking a man in the face when he's kneeling as directed.  PIG comes to mind.


Again, the victim was following the directions of police.


Sadly, the city will be paying millions of dollars in the lawsuit settlement.