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Comparing an actual LEADER to a useless ToadPOTUS


For those of you complaining about Trump being blamed for the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic:


I thought I would post a little history lesson for everyone on both sides of the political divide. I think it’s important that we understand the truth, especially come November when it’s time to vote. Forgive the length, but hey, we all have time on our hands to read, correct?


In December 2013, an 18-month-old boy in Guinea was bitten by a bat and died a brutal death a day later. After that, there were five more fatal cases. When Ebola spread out of the Guinea borders into neighboring Liberia and Sierra Leone in July 2014, President Obama activated the Emergency Operations Center at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. The CDC immediately deployed CDC personnel to West Africa to coordinate a response that included vector tracing, testing, education, logistics, and communication. Some morons in the tRump camp now claim Covid19 originated from people eating bats in China.


Altogether, the CDC, under President Obama, trained 24,655 medical workers in West Africa, educating them on how to prevent and control the disease before a single case left Africa or reached the U.S.


Working with the U.N. and the World Health Organization President Obama ordered the re-routing of travelers heading to the U.S. through certain specific airports equipped to handle mass testing.


Back home in America, more than 6,500 people were trained through mock outbreaks and practice scenarios. That was done before a single case hit America.


Three months after President Obama activated this unprecedented response, on September 30, 2014, we detected our first case in the U.S.A. A man had traveled from West Africa to Dallas and somehow slipped through the testing protocol. He was immediately detected and isolated. He died a week later. Two nurses who tended to him contracted Ebola but later recovered. All the protocols had worked. It was contained.

The Ebola epidemic could have easily become a pandemic, but thanks to the actions of our government under President Obama, it never did. Those THREE EBOLA CONFIRMED CASES were the ONLY cases of Ebola in the U.S.A. because Obama did what needed to be done THREE MONTHS PRIOR TO THE FIRST CASE.


Ebola is even more contagious than COVID-19. Had Obama not acted swiftly, millions of Americans would have died horrible, painful, deaths like something out of a horror movie (if you’ve never seen how Ebola kills, it’s horrific).


It is ironic because since President Obama acted decisively we forget about his actions since the disease never reached our shores BECAUSE OF WHAT HE DID.


Now the story of COVID-19 and Trump’s response that we know about thus far:


Before anyone even knew about the disease (even in China) Trump disbanded the pandemic response team that Obama had put in place. He cut funding to the CDC, and he cut our contribution to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Trump fired Rear Admiral Timothy Ziemer, the person on the National Security Council in charge of stopping the spread of infectious diseases before they reach our country - a position created by the Obama administration.


In June 2019, tRump cancelled the maintenance contrat for the supplies in the Strategic national Medical Stockpile, so today, a large number of the ventilators in the inventory DO NOT WORK BECAUSE THEY HAD NOT BEEN MAINTAINED. The stockpile includes many items with rubber and latex “seals” that deteriorate over time as well as medications that have expiration dates requiring that the expired stocks be disposed of AND REPLACED, but without the maintenance contract tRump cancelled none of that was done.


When the outbreak started in China, Trump assumed it was China’s problem and sent no research, supplies or help of any kind. We were in a trade war, why should he help them?

In January he received a briefing from our intelligence organizations that the outbreak was much worse than China was admitting and that it would definitely hit our country if something wasn’t done to prevent it. He ignored the report, not trusting our own intelligence. Insteaqd of believing our experts, Trump called Premier Xi and Xi told him everything was fine in China, and tRump sent China 17.4 TONS of PPE and other essential material even as he called Covid19 “the Chinese virus”.


When the disease spread to Europe, the World Health Organization offered a plethora of tests to the United States. Trump turned them down, saying private companies here would make the tests “better” if we needed them. However, he never ordered U.S. companies to make tests and they had no profit motive to do so on their own. tRump’s imaginary travel ban on the EU EXCLUDED the UK and Ireland, places where tRump has income properties


According to scientists at Yale and several public university medical schools, when they asked for permission to start working on our own testing protocol and potential treatments or vaccines, they were denied by Trump’s FDA.


When Trump knew about the first case in the United States he did nothing. It was just one case and the patient was isolated. When doctors and scientists started screaming in the media that this was a mistake, Trump claimed it was a “liberal hoax” conjured up to try to make him “look bad after impeachment failed.”


The next time Trump spoke of COVID-19, we had SIXTY-FOUR CONFIRMED CASES but Trump went before microphones and told the American public that we only had FIFTEEN cases “and pretty soon that number will be close to zero.” All while the disease was spreading, he took no action to get more tests.


What Trump did was to PRETEND TO stop flights from China from coming here. In reality, he continued to allow travel BY AMERICANS and other groups so over 430,000 travelers FROM CHINA arrived in the US after tRump’s imaginary “travel ban” including over 4,000 who arrived in the USA DIRECTLY FROM WUHAN, the epicenter of the pandemic. tRump’s actions were too little and too late and accomplished nothing according to scientists and doctors. By then the disease was worldwide and was already spreading exponentially in the U.S. by Americans, not Chinese people as Trump would like you to believe.


Trump has repeatedly REFUSED to purchase essential equipment and supplies on behalf of ALL th3e States, instead demanding each Governor bid against his neighbors, so the price of equipment is being bid up which slows the distribution of the equipment and maximizes the profits for the Corporate Oligarchs who control the supply.


Trump talked about the Defense Produiction Act for weeks before finally asking GM to manufacture ventilators. Ford and a few others have decided to begin making PPE and ventilators on their own, but TWO MONTHS have already elapsed since the need for these life saving devices was known and thousands will die needlessly because of fRumps inaction.


Because of tRump’s trying to blame Chinese for the disease, his supporters have been attacking Asian Americans all across our nation. Even more vile, his supporters are now making death threats against Dr Fauci because these cretins claim the good doctor is a member of the imaginary Deep State trying to undermine THEIR ToadPOTUS. The threats are seri9ous enough that the Secret Service has added a personal protection detail to Dr Fauci. Trump has not spoken a WORD to denounce the murderous thugs who call him dear leader.


As of the moment I am posting this, the evening of April 6, 2020, we have 337,971 COVID-19 CONFIRMED CASES and 6,048 COVID-19 DEATHS in the U.S.A. The actual number is undoubtedly more than triple that amount, simply because THERE ARE NO TEST KITS IN SO MANY PLACES. Less than 0.5% of the US population has been tested, and thanks to tRump's dithering, it will be MONTHS before we have enough tests to understand how and where the disease is spreading.


As if you needed one more reason to vote out the Toad and all his enablers, here it is. Aand remember, there's STILL 11 REPUBLICAN Governors who REFUSE to tell their citizens to STAY HOME! They too need to be "sent home" ASAP.


Honored Social Butterfly

Excellent post Olderscout66 .......

From the facts in your post, we can safely say that if President Obama was still POTUS, the spread of the Corona Virus would have been truly "under control" in America from day one.... if it even ever appeared here in the first place!!!

Honored Social Butterfly

@myexper wrote:

Excellent post Olderscout66 .......

From the facts in your post, we can safely say that if President Obama was still POTUS, the spread of the Corona Virus would have been truly "under control" in America from day one.... if it even ever appeared here in the first place!!!

There's a number of non-moronic, sane leaders that prove we SHOULD not be in this absurd situation - the folks in Taiwan, Singapore and Germany acutally MANAGED the problem while our worthless Toad played political games to keep his numbers lookin' good, and IGNORING our intelligence experts and instead relying on his "buddy" Xi to tell him the straight skinny on China's problems.


Now it appears Toads appointees knew about the problem last NOVEMBER, but being Toadettes, they said nothing as something might upset their gutless leader. Toad's minions also kept the information from the Navy so the USS Roosevelt made their scheduled port call in Da Nang Vietnam FOUR MONTHS after Toad's people knew about the covid19 outbreak in Commie China, and we know how well that worked out. Seems by feeding tRump what he wanted to hear, Xi TOOK OUT A NUCLEAR AIRCRAFT CARRIER WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT .


So its a toss-up - Putin used tRump's stupidity to take over Syria and even get OUR bases but XI removed our most potent weapon from the Pacific. Which one is the greatest military disaster caused by having a moronic psychopath as ToadPOTUS?

Honored Social Butterfly


At least 10 kudos for your very telling post of the different Administrations and their dealing with outbreaks of contagions...and how trump has done nothing to protect American citizens, only to protect himself. 

A question that I do have: what is putin up to? Does the virus give him cover to use his puppet trump to do more damage to the US. And how has the virus affected russia. I wonder how many calls that trump has had with him in the last 4-5 months. Haven't heard anything about putin recently. 

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