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Comey: Mueller findings show Trump lied about the FBI and his attempt to destroy the agency failed..

Comey blistered Trump in an interview with Lester Holt.  Comey said the FBI is not a nest of vipers, or spies, and said we as a country had never seen a President before try to " burn down an institution, because he saw it as a threat." He then commented on the Trump lies, " the lies about me forget about them, but the lies about the FBI, about Mueller were terrible."



Comey on Trump's lying.



Honored Social Butterfly

I am no longer surprised or amazed about Trump's lies.  It is painfully obvious that he has an infinite capacity for manufacturing and dispensing a lie for every occasion.  So whether it is in front of the TV camera or while laid in his bed at night on Twitter, he has become for me, nothing more than the Connoisseur of Lies.

Honored Social Butterfly


You are certainly right about trump. And I would go to the extreme end also by claiming that there is not one good thing about trump. 

But what is still a bit of a mystery to me, why do so many people believe him?

Perhaps the fault lies with me, and I am being naive. I like to believe in the good in people, so are the people that believe trump, not good people? Perhaps they are more gullible than I am willing to believe? But, whatever the reason, I do believe that they drank the trump kool aid, which appears to make them more susceptible to the trump lies!


tax returns donnie

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Just another road for a dictator to travel down. Berate, belittle, lie, discredit, divide, and create fear about our intelligence agencies. And claim that they are out to get him. And only trump has the power to make good decisions for the nation. Classic trump projection...

he is the one that is doing all the things that he claims others are doing. 

trump is not capable of making good decisions!


tax returns please

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Turns out the Mueller report is about as big as I thought, at over 300 pages which does indeed, bring up the question, how accurate can a four page summary be?? Probably not very accurate, with too many unanswered question in my opinion.
 In a report over 300 pages big, how accurate is a 4 page summary?

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Trump is, at the very least, guilty of obstruction. He penned the Trump Tower memo, gave it to Don Jr to present as his own, and lied about the supposed purpose of the meeting. That meeting didn't have a single thing to do with adoption. (13 pages of lies and growing)
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