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Climate Change stopped donald's PR campaign

   Today, donald wanted to go to FL, wow his base using the SpaceX launch as an excuse to travel and marvel.    Climate Change raised her head and said NOPE.  You can only go when I say so - the launch was post-poned until SAT.


    Dr. Mann of Penn State :   

A tropical depression building off the coast of Florida is an early sign of a hurricane season projected to be the most active in years, even as the coronavirus pandemic continues to threaten the U.S.

Scientists with Penn State University’s Earth Systems Science Center are forecasting more tropical activity in 2020 than in any year since 2010. Their statistical model estimates a range of 15 to 24 named storms, with a best guess of 20.


    From a local news page that discusses the Tornado that visited my fair City ( San Antonio) on Sunday Night.


       I am now waiting for donald to direct DOJ to serve Mother Nature with cease and desist notice....har har har!

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Climate Change stopped donald's PR campaign


If you are talking about Trump going to the cape today he is going back on Saturday for another try at lift off.

Trump and our first lady looked great at the failed lift off.
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KidBoy2Trump and our first lady looked great at the failed lift off.


That is because Trump has presided over so many failures with Melania at his side that they have a complete "failed to launch" wardrobe. Between corporate bankruptcy, failed marriages, exposed payments to porn stars, giving Iran the bomb, and getting sent home from Thailand by Kim Jung Un they have had LOTS of practice dressing for failure.  The only real success Trump has ever had was being born rich and he only needed a "birthday suit" for that.  

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Do you understand the difference between weather and climate?

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