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Cindy McCain endorsing Biden...

One of the very last true Republicans, before they got totally corrupted says she will support Joe Biden for President. This is what you call a Patriot! Country before party!


My husband John lived by a code: country first,” she wrote Tuesday on Twitter. “We are Republicans, yes, but Americans foremost.” 

Biden, she added, is the only candidate in the presidential race who “stands up for our values as a nation.”



Cindy McCain supporting Biden. 

Honored Social Butterfly

The McCain's were part of the conservative wing of the GOP. Now, the GOP is all whackadoodles and Biden is the closest thing to the old conservative values Cindy can find.  Makes sense to me. 

Honored Social Butterfly

The repeated attacks by Trump on war hero John McCain were disgusting. The only aspect which was more despicable, there wasn't a single word of objection from any Trump Cult members.

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McCain family, last of the decent Republicans.


Cindy should call everyone in the Republican Senate telling them she does not support them, either.

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She's a class act; class acts don't support boorish morons!


"I don't remember..."  "I don't remember...""I don't remember..." "I don't remember..."

"FAKE 45 #illegitimate" read a sign at the Woman's March in DC, 1/27/2017
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he is NOT well, but most of this know it already.
Biden/Harris 2020!!
Honored Social Butterfly

Yes, the McCain family sure seems to be a class act. 
And good for Cindy, it seems that She poked trump in the chest, punched him in the nose, and reaffirmed him to be an Unpatriotic liar!

And she is a good judge of character by endorsing Biden!



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