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    Has everyone completed their census questionnaire?   

    If not, why?  

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Reviving an older thread for comment.

I find this odd. I heard nothing official about the Census directed towards me (or my address) personally. There was no postal mail and nothing left at the front door (as the Census site I was just at suggested).


Due to an email I just got from a social group I googled the US Census site. Found it and then went through the on-line questions. First one was asking me for the special code they had left at my front door...uh uh, nothing left there. I suppose with Covid conditions this has been the case. Or do they not really canvass every residential address?


Anyway, I was able to complete by entering my address. I suppose if I had done this previously (maybe I did and forgot) they would have flagged that to me.


So I got 'er done. For this decade.

A reminder, if you haven't done this you'll have until the end of September (if I understand correctly).

Honored Social Butterfly

Yup.   Online.  Easy peasy.  

Honored Social Butterfly

Done... took less than 5 mins.

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