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Hopefully, the Entire Country is finally waking up.................................


The Wall is Just - This Years Clintons Emails....................


The Worlds Greatest - Sniffer - Was obviously pleading with Republicans in the Congress last night - to Please Stick With Him


Unfortunately, For Trump - Republican Congressional Members Answer to their Constituents not some MOB who's only purpose in life is to do their best at Mimicking - The Price is Right Audiences - who Jump Up and Cheer Like Knuckleheads - whenever the Contestant on Stage makes the closest guess to the Price of Toothpaste 


Trump is useless attempting to Stick to a Script - No Canival Barker in History has been effective reading a script


Trump needs to Wing it - He needs to be able to just amke up stuff on the fly


Even he realized last nights Oval Office Speech would be on Tape & he could not run away from what he said


So we couldn't see Trump Troll Stephen Miller in the Oval Office last night but make No Mistake - we heard Stephen Millers Words


My Guess - Stephen Miller - is getting a Dose of Trump's Spittle Spraying Psychosis This AM



( " China if You're Listening - Get Trumps Tax Returns " )

" )
" - Anonymous

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