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CNN's 5 Town Halls With Democratic Candidates

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I made my Wife suffer through all 5 hours and it was mostly suffering


First Kudos to CNN for letting Real People Ask Real Questions Important to Them


I originally thought Kamela Harris & Amy Klobuchar would have been my Front Runner but Harris was Horrible especially when pressed on Medicare for All


Klobuchar Made - Little to NO Sense on most of her Anwers - someone told her to act more Human I guess so whe pointed to her Daughter and told stories about her for 1/2 the night




Voters listening to Harris' CNN town hall in New Hampshire might have noticed a go-to phrase for everything that falls into her "maybe" basket: "Let's have that conversation" or "I believe we should have that conversation."



I thought Buttigieg was the better Candidate Last Night even though they stuck him on after 11 Pm when most Working Middle Class Americans would have to be in Bed


CNN keeps trying to Criticize Buttigieg for not having enough substance on Policy Issues on his Website


WHY - Because CNN want to be able to sit a few low level inexpensive staffers in front of a Computer and scrape off all the Policy Positions and then let their Anchors carve them up on their Nightly Programs


Instead of sending real New Crews and Journalists out to Cover His Campaign and listen in person to how he answers real questions from real American Voters


Buttigieg understands the majority of people are not going to sit on a website and read Poltical Policy Minutiae 1.5 years before the Actual Primary Election


Buttigieg responded to Anderson Coppers Constant Policy Attacksby Saying
That while policy is important, Democrats need to communicate their values without drowning voters in "minutiae."
"I've been pretty clear where I stand on major issues," he said, citing "Medicare for All" as an example.
"We'll continue to roll out specific policy proposals, too," he said.
"But I also think it's important we don't drown people in minutiae before we've vindicated the values that animate our policies. We go right to the policy proposals and we expect people to be able to figure out what our values must be from that."
"I expect it will be very easy to tell where I stand on every policy issue of our time. But I'm going to take time to lay that out, rather than competing strictly on the theoretical elements of the proposals themselves," he said.
Buttigieg also said he planned to soon unveil a tool that would make it possible for people to pull up videos of him discussing specific policies and issues by entering a search word or phrase on his website. Minutes later, that feature was live.
"We're in the second week of my campaign being official and we'll continue building our website accordingly, too," he said.



( " China if You're Listening - Get Trumps Tax Returns " )

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" - Anonymous

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