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After I made a campaign contribution to a candidate I was considering my mail is filled with request for more money.  Even after I unsubscribed and requested that I be removed from all mailing lists they continues.... up to 15 in a day.

Anyone else had this issue and what did you do?

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I've donated to two candidates and filled out a survey for a third. Throughout the campaigns I have recived emails from all of them - almost on a daily basis.

I've heard other people complain about this. It doesn't bother me. In fact, I know when I will donate again, and how much, so their emails are having no effect on my donations.

I actually enjoy reading all of them. It gives me a better understanding about their campaigns. Sometimes they add tidbits of information that I wasn't aware of.

So, they all can send those emails to me, but it doesn't change how or how much I donate.

My next donation will be in the form of purchasing from their merchandise. I will likely go to at least one rally, so I'll order one of those signs. Maybe a t-shirt. Or some other souvenir.

Honored Social Butterfly

Yes, it's awful and they seem to sell your email address to other political groups and PACs.  

I also hate their hysterical tones and messaging. As if the world is going to end. 

I do unsubscribe to as many as possible, and tell them WHY, but it's very offputting. And honestly, it must be working for them. 

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