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Build Back Better??

Does Joe Biden have any original thoughts of his own? 


His "Build Back Better" slogan is just another way of saying, "Make America Great Again".  




Honored Social Butterfly

I just saw a Biden commercial indicating Biden would initiate a "Mask Mandate" in order to build back better...  That's it? 


I understand why there is such an enthusiasm gap between Trump and Biden. 


Trump has a track record of getting things done with actions that are able to be measured.  Biden has a track record of words with no action. 


Yeah, it;s an easy choice for me when I go into the secret voting booth...





Honored Social Butterfly

tRump relies on his lofo base to never go beyond Fox and QAnon for their information. That way his bots think we have a better trade deal with China when what we REALLY have is thousands of bankrupt family farms, lost markets worth TRILIONS of dollars and the inability to support our consumption with our production.


Then there's how Mexico will pay for that Wall Toad NEVER BUILT. Immigration is down because who wants to come HERE with a Toad in charge? Nobody, that's who. And the replacement for NAFTA does NOTHING different EXCEPT allowing more car parts to come in from Mexico, and Toad already trashed is wonderful USMCA by starting another Trade War with CANADA. But fear not for his lofos will repeat to you his words that CHINA and CANADA are the ones paying all his tariffs when the reality is WE AMERICANS are paying every dime to the tune of tens of billions of dollars each year.


Oh yeah, those immigrants he's keeping out who took all his lofo's jobs and promotions? Well, they're not here, so how come 14 MILLION Americans are out of a job? Covid? True, but WHY do we have more Covid than any other country? BECAUSE TOAD MADE IT SO! He saw the infections were mostly in BLUE States, so he figured he could just blame the Democratic Governors and to do that, he did NOTHING at the National level. Instead he set all 50 States bidding AGAINST each other to insure maximum profits for the providers and maximum cost for the State Governments - Blue and Red. Then he made certain his followers would not wear masks, which they didn't, which is why Covid19 should be called tRumpvid20.


He talks about how he increased the strength of our Military, but RUSSIA and CHINA are the ones racking up victories with their military. tRump handed all our fully stocked  bases in Syria over to the Russians and has done NOTHING to prevent China from expanding its bases across the Pacific, usurping territory formerly held by our allies. And Russia is being encouraged to continue it's dismemberment of Ukraine as the Toad ignores their aggression and tries to undermine the Democratically elected Government by extorting their leader and giving support to those who want to return the country to a Russian pawn. In reality, all Toad did was to increase profits for the Corporate Oligarchs running the Military Industrial Complex.


And what's happening to our men and women in uniform? Basic pay for the military did increase by 2.4 percent on Jan. 1, 2018 — the largest in eight years. But pay increases are determined by a statutory formula, and Trump in fact requested an amount below the automatic adjustment for 2018. Congress overrode the president’s proposal, and Trump ultimately agreed to fully fund the increase as determined by federal law. Then tRump took $9.8BILLION from the money for Military Family Housing to build his worthless Wall, and has so alienated our allies, our deployed forces are being moved from the excellent, well established bases in Germany to bases that don't exist in Poland.


Bottom line is that if Joe Biden does nothing but STOP the stupidity of tRump, the Nation will be Building Back Better.

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Honored Social Butterfly

Much to the chagrin of the todays demoncrats.... president Trump has taken many of the traditional democrat platform positions and succeeded. Nothing more makes your opponent angry, when you accomplish what they said they would, but never did. 


President Trump  took their mojo and kicked their butts with it. That magic wand Obama talked about is a blend of traditional repub processes together with traditional dem promises and made it work inspite of both parties working in unison to create a headwind. 


Regardless of that... it's a win-win for America. 


4 more years

Libs are nuttier than squirrel poop
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