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Britain's data regulator

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Britain's data regulator is getting a warrant to raid Cambridge Analytica and seize its servers



  • Britain's information commissioner says she's seeking a warrant to raid Cambridge Analytica and seize its servers.
  • She had already announced an investigation into the matter.
  • Facebook suspended Cambridge Analytica's account on Friday evening, saying that it improperly used personal information obtained from users.
  • Cambridge Analytica has come under fire for its role in helping President Donald Trump's campaign target Facebook ads towards prospective voters.

Elizabeth Denham, Britain's information commissioner, told the UK's Channel 4 News that she plans to apply for a warrant to raid the offices of controversial political research company Cambridge Analytica and seize its servers.


The news comes after Channel 4 ran an exposé on Cambridge Analytica, where the firm's CEO wassecretly filmed offering to entrap politicians with bribes and sex workers on behalf of a client.


That report, in turn, came just days after CA was suspended from Facebook over a data incident in which it collected information on around 50 million US voters without their knowledge or consent.

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