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Bill Barr Twisted My Words in Dropping the Flynn Case.

The following is an excerpt from an open letter by Mary B. McCord, the former acting assistant attorney general for national security at the Department of Justice from 2016 to 2017. It would seem that Mr. Barr used the standard GOP appoach of changing words and using them out of context to get the result they desired in the Flynn case. In short, no ethics and no morality.  I would point out that no career prosecutor would sign the report Barr manufactured.   ITYS


The motion was signed by Timothy Shea, a longtime trusted adviser of Mr. Barr and, since January, the acting U.S. attorney in Washington. In attempting to support its argument, the motion cites more than 25 times the F.B.I.’s report of an interview with me in July 2017, two months after I left a decades-long career at the department (under administrations of both parties) that culminated in my role as the acting assistant attorney general for national security.

But the report of my interview is no support for Mr. Barr’s dismissal of the Flynn case. It does not suggest that the F.B.I. had no counterintelligence reason for investigating Mr. Flynn. It does not suggest that the F.B.I.’s interview of Mr. Flynn — which led to the false-statements charge — was unlawful or unjustified. It does not support that Mr. Flynn’s false statements were not material. And it does not support the Justice Department’s assertion that the continued prosecution of the case against Mr. Flynn, who pleaded guilty to knowingly making material false statements to the FBI, “would not serve the interests of justice.” 

Honored Social Butterfly

So, in other words, Barr is as big a liar as his boss and doesn't hesitate to lie when it suits his agenda. Anyone surprised?

Honored Social Butterfly

Wow! Hard to believe?... that barr would 

use the trump repub playbook and rearrange words and take comments  out of context in order to support his deranged defense of trump, flynn, and his own illegal actions. 
barr along with trump are lowering our system of justice to all time new lows... support trump in his march towards dictatorship, and to try to remove any obstacles which might impede trump’s march to total control.  
But, let’s not give them that satisfaction and continue to put truth spikes in their roadway, and any other verbal boobytraps that they can fall into...they certainly don’t care about Us or Our Country. 

Let’s defend Our Flag and Our Country against trump, barr, mitch, and putin...

they are the enemy of the US. 
Stay strong America, and don’t believe their lies!

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Honored Social Butterfly

For Toadworshipers like Barr facts are meaningless. All that matters is the mood of the Toad, and making said mood "happy" is the key to holding your cushy do-nothing government job.


Beyond that, Barr and the GOPerLords are desperate to vilify the FBI because those are the guys who will be coming to get them 21 Jan 2021.


In the meantime, Fox will continue to push the notion that Covid19 is a hoax and there's no need to keep statistics on a hoax, so everyone get back to work, pump that DJA, and make toad a HAPPY toad.


Reminds me of one scene from Watership Down where the rabbits in a strange warren never ask where someone is to avoid the reality that s/he is most likely bubbling away as a the main ingredient in a Hassenpfeffer Pie.


Just watch - Fox and H8Rqadio will begin to challenge the number of infections and deaths, claiming most of those people really just had the flu, or were really old and died from the infirmities of age, not some fake virus. They will have to do this, because their ill-conceived  rush to reopen for business will in a couple weeks put the numbers into overdrive as all those lofo's who were protected by their relative isolation begin to drop like flies in a flit-storm.

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