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Biden wants live fact checkers for debates with Trump!!

Way to go Joe!! I love this idea!! What is not to love about verifying what comes out of Trump's mouth!!!! Can't wait to hear Trump's response, LOL!!!!


Biden proposes live fact checkers for debates with Trump!! 

I would go one further and say no fact checkers, NO DEBATES!!!

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I love Joe's idea 🙋, but I have to agree with @PhilipT605548  that realtime fact checking would be problematic.  Given IMPOOPUS's penchant for hyperbole, untruths, misinformation, disinformation, false claims, urban legends, conspiracy theories, the debates would stretch into the wee hours of the next morning.

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   Personally, there is no need for a "in your face" debate, it should all be handled via ZOOM.    The candidates should be in 2 separate locations, equal in settings - no resolute desk, or WH ....well maybe the really ugly looking Rose Garden redo....

    That way Daniel Dale will have his computer set up with the 20K plus lies already  to send an electronic signal to a manager who can send a scroll at the bottom of the screen:   LIE / False  or True.     


     Electronically, totally doable.    One has to remember that the Far Right team seems not to know or care that Donald is now recycling lies ( aka Plane full of thugs).   

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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To fact check a serial liar like tRump, the debate would have to have multiple fact checkers !

Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
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The only thing wrong with immediate gratification is that it takes too long.


Trump would slow down the computers with his lies and the debate would be stalled to all wee hours of the morning.


A rebroadcast with a lie meter would be a great idea, however.

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Biden's campaign quagmireBiden's campaign quagmire

Libs are nuttier than squirrel poop
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"FAKE 45 #illegitimate" read a sign at the Woman's March in DC, 1/27/2017
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Biden needs to press Trump. No fact checkers, NO DEBATES!!
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To keep up with the endless stream of lies from TheToad, one of those "fact checkers" will have to be IBM's WATSON that (who?) won

Jeopardy's Tournament of Champions.


WAY TO GO JOE! Toad never intended to take a drug test before the debates - too big a chance some of his recreational habits would be disclosed. But who could object to someone seeing how FACTUAL each contestant's responses were? Results could run as a ticker at the bottom of the screen.

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Trump will never agree to this unless of course he gets to pick the liars, er uh, I mean the fact checkers.  LOL !

Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
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how could he??? LOL!!!!
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