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Biden’s ‘dismal’ support from blacks threatens his election

BY:  Paul Bedard


Former Vice President Joe Biden’s “dismal” support from black voters, now confirmed in two polls, is likely to force his campaign to choose a black woman as his running mate to shore up the key group, according to a Democratic pollster.


In the latest John Zogby Strategies and EMI Research Solutions poll, Biden has the support of 77% of black voters while 14% back President Trump.


GOP officials have told Secrets that if Trump maintains that level of support from blacks people, he will win reelection. South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, a black Republican, said in February, “Game over if we get 14.”


In the last 20 years, only George W. Bush, running for reelection in 2004 against then Sen. John Kerry, came close with 11% of the black vote. In 2016, against Hillary Clinton, Trump won 8% of the black vote.


Since his election, he saw black employment surge and black unemployment hit a new low before the coronavirus crisis. Trump has also featured black voices in his administration at events and endorsed key initiatives supported by African Americans, including criminal justice reform.

Overall in the survey, Biden leads Trump 49%-42%, down from Biden’s 13-point lead in May, 54%-41%.


In its latest White House Watch, Rasmussen Reports found that 21% of black people support Trump’s reelection. The polling outfit has found unusual;y high black support for Trump for several months.


The new polling comes while the president is pushing for greater law and order during the protests over the Black Lives Matter movement. Other polls show black support for police, despite the effort by Black Lives Movement backers to defund law enforcement.


In his analysis, pollster John Zogby said that Biden’s underperforming among black voters is “a possible sign of concern.”


He also said that it could push the Democrat into picking a black woman as his running mate.

Zogby said, “First significant event: the very important choice of a running mate. The whole world is watching, and this certainly argues for the selection of an African American woman. These numbers among blacks are dismal.”


He did note that Biden is doing as good as needed with Hispanics, younger voters, and women.


But he added in a note to Secrets, "Blacks are not where they should be. Young and Hispanics look good, as do women. I think he has slack for a month, but this may be the most important VP choice since 1960. I hear a lot about [Illinois Sen.] Tammy Duckworth, but if his pollsters are showing what ours are, the choice will have to be a black woman."




Honored Social Butterfly

Oh, this one is just sad. 

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Honored Social Butterfly

"dismal"????? Now that's funny considering the huge lack of black support Trump has. How many blacks in his administration?? Oh yeah, ONE. Oooops!!
Honored Social Butterfly

Talk about grasping at straws to save one from drowning - apparently for GOPerBots Biden's 70% support among black men is "dismal" when compared to his 92% support among black women.


The racist Toad tops out at 29% for the 30-44 yr olds and plummets to 9% for the +65 Seniors who are most likely to vote.

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Rave On It's A Crazy Feeling

(apologies to Buddy Holly)





Trump is an aperture in the fundament.
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