Honored Social Butterfly

Biden exposes tRump's responsibility for the lack of test kits


ToadPOTUS lies about Joe Biden calling him out on the maladministration of this disaster.


The test kits are being made in Germany where the WHO approved kits were developed and available since 17 Jan 2020. ToadPOTUS's minions at CDC DECLINED placing an order with the German firm Roche (2d largest Pharma in the World) and tried and failed to develop their own version.


So while it may not be totally true Toad refused help from WHO mostly because  they deal with countries who have no Pharma industry and cannot develope their own tests....

What is undeniably TRUE is Toad's sychophantic pollywogs at CDC DID turn down a proven test from a huge pharma capable of having produced countless kits for the USA over the last TWO MONTHS Toad spent dithering because he had nobody willing to tell him America was headed for a major health and economic disaster.


Without tests we don't know where the disease is spreading or who needs to be quarentined. ToadPOTUS put a hiring freeze on CDC THE DAY HE TOOK OFFICE and abolished CDCs Emergency Pandemic Reaction Unit, firing all the dedicated researchers who  would've sounded the alarm much sooner than Toad's 63 day delay in calling a National Emergency


Then after spending those 63 days LYING to the American people about how everybody could be tested, how the virus would magically disappear in April, how the infection count had already peaked at 15 and would be going down, how if you feel sick, just go to work as usual - its probably just a cold, and a thousand other lies from Toad and Fox to make people - especially his moronic base - feel good and continue to ride the Obama Recovery to push up the DJA.


tRump's legacy will very probably be mass graves across the Red States where GOPers STILL are not taking the Covid19 seriously.

Honored Social Butterfly

The trumpCvirus

Lack of testing, we are flying blind, trump lies, trump repubs in denial and helping to spread it even more, trump takes no responsibility, he is running our Government and Country into the ground, then gives himself a 10, and claims that he has the answers..really?

Then again this is normal behavior for trump, and it's just gotten way worse!


Where are the test kits?

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