Honored Social Butterfly

Biden called it. Trump wants to "delay" the elections

Trump must have finally figured out how to read a poll and he does not like what he sees. A month ago Biden predicted that Trump would try to delay the election.  The Trump campaign called it propaganda and a Biden conspiracy we are folks. 


The good news is that the Republican members of both houses have firmly acted to separate themselves from the Trump Tweets on delaying the election.  That dam is starting to break and the Republicans are starting to break with Trump. That is the good news. 

Honored Social Butterfly

Lil Donny Bonespurs is MUCH dumber than your average box of hammers, but he's possessed with an animal cunning that will have alerted him to the need to discredit mail in votes because most of his supporters will vote in person because that's what their ToadLord has commanded. Not sure if he's tripped to the fact all those GIs overseas and away from home where they may still be registered to vote will be among the votes his minion DeJoy will disenfranchise by selectively destroying the USPS.


Bottom line here is Toad is not expecting he'll be able to delay the election, he's just telling his lofos DO NOT TRUST THE VOTE BECAUSE MILLIONS OF FAKE BALLOTS WILL BE SENT IN BY FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS. His statement was also to tell his lofos that HE is trying to make sure it's a fair and honest election while the Democrats are trying to steal his victory.

Honored Social Butterfly

It is no surprise that Trump might try to "delay" the election.  But we need not be fooled.  A delay would have nothing to do with COVID-19 or a concern Trump might have for keeping Americans safe.  We already know he has absolutely no real concern for us.  So delaying the election could only mean he might feel it would be beneficial to him and his pursuit of re-election.


Or maybe Trump's taking a hint from Putin's playbook on how to be president for life or at least something comparable to Putin's new order to stay in power 'til 2036.  For we know that along with white supremacists, Nazis, alt-right, and the like, Putin definitely has a firm grip on Mr. Trump's ear.

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