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Re: Biden Shoots Self In Foot

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Nice story, but no dice.  Look most of the people today are worried more about the virus than anythings else. and most I am sure wants to see these elections finish and complete.
so, whatever happened in that plant, will nave a minimal effect on the outcome. sorry next time better story.

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Biden Shoots Self In Foot

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"While Biden was greeted warmly by most of the workers at the new Fiat-Chrysler assembly plant, one man who claimed Biden wanted to "actively take away our second amendment," drew the candidate into a prolonged back and forth as he attempted to push back against the claims.


At the beginning of the exchange, the worker confronted Biden with claims that the former vice president was trying to take away "our 2nd Amendment," to which Biden told the man he was "full of s---" and continued to engage despite his aide trying to sweep him away from the conversation.


The worker told Biden that he said it in a viral video but Biden attempted to correct the individual, saying, "It’s a viral video like the other ones that have been putting out there that are simply a lie."

At one point Biden mistakenly told the worker he was taking away his AR-14's, instead of AR-15's, but he corrected himself later in the exchange.


Biden also said to the man, "don’t be such a horse’s ass," when it was clear the worker was not satisfied with the answer Biden was giving.


Biden is also set to appear with gun control advocates later today in Columbus, Ohio, and has made the push to end gun violence a central part of his presidential campaign, tweeting a video Tuesday morning outlining his plan to address the issue."


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