Honored Social Butterfly

Barr is gaslighting for Flynn

   RW has been heralding all the bs. by Barr et al.    Now we hear from the person who Barr was misquoting or misunderstanding and of course fed to the RW populace and media who never bothered to think - but just ate their porriage.   

    Here is who he misquoted and maligned, in their own words:

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
Honored Social Butterfly

Barr is gaslighting for Flynn


Trump and FOX news would rather talk about Barr,   Flynn,  and all the other QAnon stuff then the virus, the 15%,  20%, maybe 25% unemployment rate and how Trump has failed in protecting the nation.

Honored Social Butterfly

Barr has no credibility...ever since his 16 page “employment application”, Senate 

confirmation, revising the Mueller report, then refusing to come before Congress to testify, the witch-hunt against the Intelligence agencies, and now intervening in court hearings...he’s a real national treasure, like filling Fort Knox with dirt!

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