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It’s never easy changing your mind – I know cause I did it the last time Bernie ran for prez.and made a study of his history.     

Bernie is "consistent"  ...that's SUPPOSED  to be an attribute.    I have read that  many times.   
Socialist Bernie will never live it down --(-especially after yesterday's CNN remarks) when he still is talking support  of murderous run countries like the SOVIET UNION, CUBA and of course the Sandinistas.     It's OKAY people were tortured and murdered cause they got healthcare..and schooling.    Who can beat that logic  ?    Many people will.    

SANDERS the socialist never worked in the private sector yet he managed to acquire 3 million dollars on just B S.      He was a silver-tongued mayor ..he's in congress with the help of the NRA...he's going to be prez with the help of Putin's Russia and the ignorance of democrats. Trump already tweeted congrats .. he and Putin know he's good for another term if the socialist-communist is nominated. .  

I believe Bloomberg is no saint....but there is none anyway.    Bloomberg and perhaps Cory Booker as VP  could beat TRUMP.  






Honored Social Butterfly

I agree with everything Pete Buttegieg said at the debate last night re: Senator Sanders. All of the down ballot races will suffer. We will have the two most polarizing people in the country running for president. The country will be torn completely apart. Vladimir Putin will be the winner, regardless of outcome.


The DNC and TDP, along with Beto's PAC, Powered by People, have poured a lot of money and resources and energy into efforts to turn Texas blue. Party officials and down ballot candidates are extremely concerned about a Sanders nomination. Almost all of them are endorsing and supporting VP Biden. 


My ballot just got mailed and it was marked Biden. I can only hope that he wins SC and that Biden, Buttegieg, and Klobuchar get enough electors to pool against Sanders at the convention.


"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono
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Because Bernie eats lots of prunes.


You are getting sleepy.
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@aruzinsky wrote:

Because Bernie eats lots of prunes.


While Trump "consistently" chokes on his own words.






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@JANMB wrote:

    It's OKAY people were tortured and murdered cause they got healthcare..and schooling.    Who can beat that logic  ?    Many people will.    

Bernie Sanders has never said that "It's OKAY that people were tortured and murdered".  Sounds like something tRump would say about an opponent, I expect that from tRump, he is a serial liar.


I could make many statements in a similar fashion about Bloomberg and other candidates to denigrate them but I choose not to. I choose to just let the nomination process play out instead of having to decide later whether or not to support the nominated candidate that I have denigrated with half false attacks.


Sorry, that's just the way I feel.

Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.

I am sure that people are taking Sanders remarks about Castro and the Soviets out of context. He certainly didn't/doesn't condone torture and oppression the way the Orange Man does. 

People forget that in the later 1800's and early 1900's, there was a robust Socialist movement in the United States. It was tied to the union movement. But ocassionally the Man would shoot down protesters and then it became not so popular. 

Anybody would be better than the Donald and his band of thieves. And I am not sorry.

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