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At Least 7 in Wisconsin Got Coronavirus During Voting

Trump admitted on Fox & Friends that if Americans were actually able to vote without obstruction, "there would never be another Republican ever elected again".  As a result, the GOP has been demanding that voters show up at the polls and risk death in order to cast their ballots.  Seven people are now infected with covid-19 because of this demand by the Republicans.  



Milwaukee health officials said six voters and one poll worker contracted the coronavirus from participating in Election Day, which was held despite a stay-at-home order issued throughout the state. 

Honored Social Butterfly

The GOP put everyone at risk because they desperately wanted another conservative judge on the Supreme Court. Well, now people are sick and they didn't get their judge. They are disgusting people.

Honored Social Butterfly

Amen Panj. In fact disgusting might be too nice. What the trump gop is showing us is vile, cruel, with no concern for other human beings. And what's amazing is that these same folks that claim to be so close to God, and so concerned about unborn life. 
Sure seems that if you are not a member of the trump gop, your life no longer matters...wonder what God really thinks about their actions?

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