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Are you willing to put your child at risk?

   That may not apply to many here, but that is the question that many adults face as they send their children to college today.   

    As the far right and the current WH regime demands that schools be opened and students need to attend classes in person and most importantly,  College Football must be played, each parent should be asking - what is the risk that my child will become a victim of Covid19.   


     This is a concern, not just in 'blue" colleges and universities, this is a nation wide concern.    As the article details, this is in Kansas:



More than 60 US universities and colleges in at least 36 states have reported positive cases of Covid-19, and some have returned to remote learning to try to stem the spread. More than 8,700 infections among American college students and staff were reported through Friday, as the nation approaches 6 million confirmed cases.
At Kansas State, event permits associated with fraternity and sorority organizations through September 10 have been canceled or revoked.
    But hey, the far right were told by their leader - that Covid has been beaten, he alone fought against it and won.   (just like ISIS) - both are huge lies.  
PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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