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Anyone here still support Trump?

Now that we have seen him in action for a while, is anyone here still a supporter?

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@easyed598 wrote:

Poll after poll says that if Trump ran against Hillary today, HE WOULD STILL WIN. Really?  Can you prove it?  TODAY is August 15.


"FAKE 45 #illegitimate" read a sign at the Woman's March in DC, 1/27/2017
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Last week I heard from several people who are going to vote for Trump for one reason only: They believe that he will make sure that Roe v Wade will be struck down and put an end to legal abortions. These people are religious but not exclusively Catholic or Evangelical. I was astounded that anyone will vote for Trump for one reason only, but I realized that for those people nothing else matters. For them it is a holy type of crusade and everything else pales when they are considering how to save this country and also what they will say to the Lord on the final day.

I'm contributing this because this was eye opening for me.


Sir Granny Tracy
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Now you know how a lot of Dictators come to power by using Religion, and in this case religion using Trump. You also learned why so many wars and deaths are due  to religion. I think you will find religion is number one.

You should also know that if the religious group wins they want everyone else to give up their religion and follow what they believe. All laws are based on the religious teaching of the one in power. 

There is a Muslim group  that when in power makes everyone switch to their beliefs or they can be jailed or even killed.

This is why our founding fathers said no to one religion being dominant in the USA. Trump tells one religious group he will give them what they want if they will support him. I have a strong feeling if Trump becomes full Dictator they might find out Trump lies, and they become the ones to bite the dust. Time will tell.

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