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Adult Children Living Abroad

My 28 year old daughter is living in Bordeaux, France & is currently "locked down" in her 1 room apartment.  Her university teaching contract goes through July, even though the school is closed now because of the virus.  I really want her to come home but there are difficulties on both ends.  Anyone have a similar situation?  Any advice?  

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I hope she's doing OK!  I'm sorry about the isolation, though.  I think I would like some isolation if single, but not all the I feel for her.

I think learning Russian is a fantastic idea, but I live in an area with a lot of Russian immigrants, and a lot of other Eastern European immigrants from places like Armenia and Krygystan where people speak Russian either as a main or as a second language.  I don't know if your daughter is experiencing anything similar where she is. 


I hope you and your family stay healthy.   Crazy times.   

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I'm sorry you are going through this.  😞  Most of my friends' kids got home pretty quickly, but one friend's daughter is stuck in Barcelona.  She's working with the State Department for repatriation. Have you reached out to them yet?  They aren't moving quickly, but they would be the ones who have the pull to make it happen.   

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Thank you for responding.  At first my daughter thought it was something that wouldn't last too long & just wanted to ride it out & fulfill her contract.  I have suggested now that she contact the embassy there or the state department & she said she would think about it. Smiley Frustrated  She is well now & fears getting on an airplane in close quarters... plus getting to the US & being quarantined somewhere for 2 weeks.  Then coming home... I have health issues & she is afraid she might make me sick.  So many things to consider, not to mention she is a strong minded, independent woman.  Smiles... I would just like my girl to be closer to home.

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we live just outside Bordeaux and are starting week 4 of confinement.

Our adult daughter is stuck in NYC. Her school was closed and will not reopen until end July, as is now planned by the school. True, "confinement" in NYC is much looser than in France, we don't go out at all. And we have no desire to go outside and be exposed.

Your daughter can study French to improve her language skills and there is plenty of great wine to be tasted, analysed and studied. Sounds like to beginings of a book...?

Marooned in Bordeaux sound like a good title?

Fortunately we have the internet and video conferences for times like these.

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Thank you for sharing with me!  I hope your daughter is well & safe... New York has been hit hard by the virus.


My daughter was teaching English at the university but she is fluent in French too.  Actually I think she is taking an online course in Russian now.  That one confuses me lol but she does have a gift for languages.  Her greatest difficulty right now is being alone all the time, even with modern technology.


I told her about your book idea.  Smiling... I think that's a great idea but that might be one of those things she just rolls her eyes at.  Since she was planning on starting her doctorate after this year in France, I already suggested she work on publishing something which would help that effort, but she was less than interested.


I think she has the wine tasting experience well in progress... laughing.


Hoping you are well...

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