Re: Adding Broad New Non-Medical Benefits to 2019 Medicare Advantage Plans - What 's Your Take???

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I still have two years until Medicare.  However in my work right now as a Medical Social Worker working with home based patients this very much interests me.  I was recently asked by the daughter of a patient to look into AARP's Plan F provision of paying for at home HHA (home health aide) services.   I have been doing my research and have been told that there is such a provision but they were absolutely no help in how to access this much needed service.  Right now I am working with five patients and their families who are trying to get this figured out.  And time is of the essence in these cases.  


Specifically I have been told there is a life time benefit of $150,000 for HHA or PCA home services.  After 45 days a co pay of some sort kicks in.   Has anyone out there heard about this and how to access?  


Would really appreciate feedback on this.  thank you. 

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Adding Broad New Non-Medical Benefits to 2019 Medicare Advantage Plans - What 's Your Take???

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Do you think this will further increase the number of beneficiaries opting for a Medicare Advantage plan rather than the original Medicare program?  I do.

MA plans already represent about 1/3 of the Medicare beneficiary market - this change may make these plans more attractive to those who are currently in original Medicare.  


PBS - These New Medicare Advantage Benefits Are A Big Deal


WOW, who knows this might be a step in treating the whole person and who knows what endless boundaries this could cross.

  • Walk-in Tubs or Wheel Chair Accessble Showers
  • Hearing, Dental, Vision
  • Not to mention those benefits that could help specific chronically ill beneficiaries with their everyday needs


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