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Nursing homes are regulated by the state (Department of Health) and the Federal Governments (CMS).  They are inspected regularly. Whether one considers them expensive or not is quite subjective as many struggle to make a profit.  Employees are often underpaid; good, quality care is often lacking.  Good healthcare, IS expensive.....most Americans are just now learning how expensive it is.

"FAKE 45 #illegitimate" read a sign at the Woman's March in Washington DC, January 21, 2017.
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I agree. At 87 I'm probably closer than anyone here to this issue.
Along with requesting better Homes regulations I would like to see this Country support Assisted Death for those who are ready to die and instead of worrying about the cost of care and chronic suffering .
Oh if I ruled the World
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Hollywoos Florida  just reported 6 dead and others in critical condition because of heat exhaustion.
We saw pictures of many seniors in flood waters in Texas and it took that picture  in Facebook to have those poor people get evacuated.
Now see what just happened in Florida Amezing that those facilities are not regulated or followed up by any agencies and have regular inspections.
My own daughter was at one of those facilities, and it was constantly a battle to have them take care of her properly.
Their prices were exesive and now many wer taking Medicaid and having three people in a room no bigger that any small badroom
Constantly I was complaining when my own daughter needed madical attention due to colds or bronchitis and it would take me really getting nasty. She is not there anylonger and now living at home.
They had no respect or rules that would be appropriate  for a facility such as that one.
We all have as seniors in our future the chance that we may land in any of them and after paying a fortune to live in one of them if we don't have a family that is constantly being aware as to the condiditons, It is really frightening  to be in their hands.
We should contact our Senators and Reps Federal and State and demand that they create better regulatory measures to make sure that those facilities actually act in a humane manner.
And if we have a relative in any of those facilities and you don't like what you see, complain to the proper agency,  I know that fear exist in many that if they complain they will be booted out and then won't have a place to go. We need to become pro active in  this issue. is for out own advantage and future.



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