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A minister's take on Easter services

This was a post by the Baptist minister who performed the marriage of my wife and I.  I think it addresses the argument that places or worship have the absolute right to gather in defiance of stay at home orders. 



My personal take on #COVID19 and church/religion: Banning all religious gatherings would be unconstitutional if it were ONLY religious gatherings, or only one religion or denomination. As part of a temporary ban on all kinds of public gatherings, in the face of a clearly real pandemic, it is absolutely not persecution and does not break any church-state boundaries.
Further, as a Christian and as a minister, I think that those who go ahead and meet, putting countless other people in danger, are not taking a "bold stand" or showing strong faith, but are purposefully hurting other people. This is the opposite of what Jesus taught and modeled.
Honored Social Butterfly

Alcoholics and addicts have closed down most all live meetings and hold their meetings on-line. 


Surely churches can hold their services on-line and over the television airways. Attending live church services can spread this virus just as fast as attending any kind of live gathering.


My hat is off to all who choose to attend their Easter services on line and/or over the television and radio airwaves. With this deadly virus in our face it's simply the right thing to do.

Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
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I "might" have felt differently is this had happened before we had modern communication devices. The internet makes it tolerable to miss religious ceremonies.   The priests still hold services, the organist can still play hymns, soloists can sing, and some major churches still have recordings/videos of the choir and music, like the National Cathedral.


Here's their Good Friday service (I'm Episcopalian).   

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Honored Social Butterfly

My friend is the chaplain at a local hospital. Today he sat with a family while the wife/mother dies of covid-19. 

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