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Embedded in Walt Whitman’s mammoth collection of poems Leaves of Grass are a few  prophetic passages that I recently came across: Even though written over 150 years ago, these powerful words remind me of Trump’s brutal anti-immigration policies and his autocratic disposing of anyone whom he thinks has betrayed him. “Remember the purposes of the Founders…Remember the copious humanity streaming from every direction towards America; Remember the hospitality that belongs to nations and men(cursed be nation…without hospitality!) Remember, government is to subserve individuals, Not any, not the PRESIDENT{My Caps) is to have one jot more than you or me… Anticipate when the thirty or fifty millions are to become the hundred or two hundred millions, of equal freemen and freewomen, amicably joined…recall the angers, bickerings, delusions, superstitions, of the idea of caste, Recall the bloody cruelties and crimes.”

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