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26 x22

I am sure that you all have heard about these numbers. and how important is to flip these three Districts in three Different States in order to avoid the scenario of not having a clear electoral win and what would make Trump President.
Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida
I realize that we in our majority will not be able to vote for those candidates but, we can all help them win their seats in the  Congress.
My question is Is the Democratic campaign aware of the importance of these districts. and what are they doing about it?
All our efforts may not be enough and we must make sure that nothing stops the election of Biden.

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I guess that not many have actually heard this scenario. if there is no clear electoral winner then the House is the one that will name the President each State has one vote. and at this time there are 26 States represented by Republicans and 22 States represented by Democrats. one vote per State. The Republican hold majority of reps in each State.

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Then what is the political make up of the other (2) states? 

Does Washington DC get to vote?  They do get electoral votes - (3), I think

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The only thing that I know is that there has to be three more States that elect Dem for the House in order to break that number 26x22  because one of those State is even Look I wish I knew more. Those State are Fl. Michigan and Penn


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Good point here, as a possibility which could take place, depending upon which sequence of events takes place. Have been listening about this scenario for the last two months. One scenario is if trump declares himself the winner before all of the votes are counted, and this would end up in the Congress with one vote per state...who thought that up!

My hope is that Biden can take Florida, which may shut the door on trump. Or for the voters to keep turning out in record numbers...we’ll see...but need to be aware of all of the possibilities. 

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